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Tamara Flye is an upwardly mobile young woman who works in the county hall.  She has found that county government is a man’s world.  For a woman to get ahead, she has to be willing to do whatever county officials ask of her, which in her case boils down to sexual favors.  She has had enough.  She wants to become a man so she can get ahead based on her ability rather than on how well she puts out.  She finds a witch who can transform her into a man, but there is a task that she must perform to pay the price.  Contains F-M and M-F TG transformations, sexual situations, mature themes, nudity and a brief AR sequence.  NSFW, and not suitable for viewers under 18.  344 pages in high definition Iray, video links included.  Written by Typewriter17, edited and illustrated by JoJoTF.



Finding Frani

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