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 Looking for Frani?

Have you been following Finding Frani on Deviantart but now it's gone?  Guess what?  It's not!  Two frames of Finding Frani can be found right where it left off on the Daily Comic Page!  That's right!  You've found Frani!


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Beta Test Returns Part 1



After more than 2 years, Jon (aka The Boss) decides to resume Beta Test!  The only problem is, he doesn’t know where to start. Luckily he gets a surprise visit from none other than Tyler (aka TGTrinity), and the two start brainstorming!  Jon thinks getting into the Jessica mode he was in for Beta Test would help him (her) get in the right mindset and the two get to work.  Annie pops in but the two busy Creators ignore her.  She gets bored and decides to spice things up, much to the dismay of Thea! All Annie All the Time? You know it! Contains transgender transformation, age regression, age progression, shrinking, body changes, nudity and sexual situations.  Many parts are NSFW.  473 pages in high definition Iray!

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Also on sale:  School Daze Part 1


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This month on Patreon: Remote Control

A high school kid gets a strange remote control in the mail that can control a person's age. Contains female AR and body changes, elderly to 18. 225 pages with video link included!




Daily Comic:

The Crush Triangle Part Two 32

Finding Frani pp. 228,229

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School Daze Part 1

Featured Premium Comic Preview:

The App

A high school boy and his friend have a phone app that can reverse aging among other things.  Contains female AR elderly to high school age. This is basically a prequel to Beta Test.  148 pages with video link included!



The preview .pdf is here.   The App  is available for purchase at the  Comic Store!  

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The App

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