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This month on Patreon: Elevation Part 3

This month's $3 reward on Patreon.  Daniel and Sara are 16 and having a great time...when they hear the elevator approaching!  They thought they were alone!  They hide in an office and see Devra and Stephen looking for them!  Do they know something?  They need to hide, but where?  Perhaps a few floors down...contains Male and female AR. 115 pages, video link included!


This classic tale was written by Sumner and was originally posted on ararchive.com.  It is in 6 parts. 




Daily Comic: Interlude: Talking Me Down 33

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Beta Test Part 8


Part 8 of 11. Collaboration with TinyThea. Thea is her old self again... until Jackie uses the app to turn her into a guy! Contains female and male AR/AP, female-male TG 234 pages with video link!



The preview .pdf is here.   Beta Test Part 8  is available for purchase at the Comic Store!

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