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Have you been following Finding Frani on Deviantart but now it's gone?  Guess what?  It's not!  Two frames of Finding Frani can be found right where it left off on the Daily Comic Page!  That's right!  You've found Frani!


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The Crush Triangle Part 3



While the adults are having adult fun, the kids are left on their own.  Annie helps The Boss regain his abilities at the expense of Thea.  Genie loses at quarters, and Tyler suggests a different drinking game:  topless Beerhunter!  Following a magical event, the remaining adults are turned into children.  Looks like the gang has another mystery on their hands!  Enter Mystery Inc… sort of.  They are assisted by Sailor Scouts and a girl who raids tombs!  Lots of action in this one!  Contains M/F AR and AP, M-F TG transformations, 4 embedded animations and magical battles!  651 pages in hi definition Iray!

Check out the  preview.

Also on sale:  Finding Frani


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This month on Patreon: Elevation Part 6

This month's $3 reward on Patreon.  Daniel and Sara may be trapped! He's three and she's only a baby! They are taken home by Devra and Stephen and are ready to start their new lives. Is there no hope? Are they doomed to relive their lives? Contains M/F AR and AP! 347 pages, with video link included!

This classic tale was written by Sumner and was originally posted on ararchive.com.  It is in 6 parts. 




Daily Comic:

The Crush Triangle Part One 4

Finding Frani pp. 135,136

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Cchimeras:  Icecream TG Animation

Joru0906: Captain America Sex Tape TG Caption



Featured Premium Comic Preview:

Wayward Girl

Written by Dark Oni, and illustrated by Areg5. A woman and her employee steal a top secret formula that can reverse the aging process as well as it's anitdote which can enhance the body and mind! She has plans for her delinquent teenage daughter! Contains female AR and AP. 154 pages, video link included.



The preview .pdf is here.   Wayward Girl  is available for purchase at the  Comic Store!  

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Wayward Girl

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