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The $3 Reward on Patreon: Beta Test Part 2

Part 2 of 11. Collaboration with TinyThea.  Jon, now teenage Jessica, goes clothes shopping with Lauren... her "mother."  Meanwhile, Thea, Dana and Jackie come home after a night on the town!  Contains female AR/AP and male AR.  209 pages with video link!


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After more than 2 years, Jon (aka The Boss) decides to resume Beta Test!  The only problem is, he doesn’t know where to start. Luckily he gets a surprise visit from none other than Tyler (aka TGTrinity), and the two start brainstorming!  Jon thinks getting into the Jessica mode he was in for Beta Test would help him (her) get in the right mindset and the two get to work.  Annie pops in but the two busy Creators ignore her.  She gets bored and decides to spice things up, much to the dismay of Thea! All Annie All the Time? You know it! Contains transgender transformation, age regression, age progression, shrinking, body changes, nudity and sexual situations.  Many parts are NSFW.  473 pages in high definition Iray!



Part 1 of 2. Joseph and Evangeline are an elderly couple who yearn to be young again. Their granddaughter Cassie knows a mysterious woman who has magical powers, and can make them young again. After eating age cookies, they become 18 years old again for 24 hours. They attend high school with their granddaughter and adventures ensue! Contains male and female age regression from elderly to 18 years old, transgender transformation, sexual situations and nudity! 389 pages in hi definition Iray! Based on an idea by TGTrinity.


Tamara Flye is an upwardly mobile young woman who works in the county hall.  She has found that county government is a man’s world.  For a woman to get ahead, she has to be willing to do whatever county officials ask of her, which in her case boils down to sexual favors.  She has had enough.  She wants to become a man so she can get ahead based on her ability rather than on how well she puts out.  She finds a witch who can transform her into a man, but there is a task that she must perform to pay the price.  Contains F-M and M-F TG transformations, sexual situations, mature themes, nudity and a brief AR sequence.  NSFW, and not suitable for viewers under 18.  344 pages in high definition Iray, video links included.  Written by Typewriter17, edited and illustrated by JoJoTF.


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School Daze Part 1

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Beta Test Returns Part 2

Jess, Tyler and Annie are whisked away by a very demonic Thea to a remote location, and does she ever have plans for them!  Contains TG, AR, bimbofication, nudity, sexual situations and some body changes the likes of which you have never seen.  From me, that is. This is the wildest of rides, and it isn’t over yet! 481 pages in Hi-def Iray, for sale tomorrow!




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