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GTS, Tiny, Shrinking
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The $3 Reward on Patreon: Beta Test Part 7

Part 6 of 11. Collaboration with TinyThea.  Dana takes Lauren and Jessica to the pool, where they meet some of the kids from school.  Contains female AR/AP and male AR/TG. 260 pages with video link!


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Part 3 of 3.  The after party is in full swing back at Cassie’s place.  The kids are all drinking and pairing off. Evie gets some alone time with Kelly, while Josie is entertaining the K-Train. Just when the party’s in high gear, Mary, Cassie’s mom, returns home… and she’s not happy! Some of the gang retire to Cassie’s room for a game of poker. Will the cookie spell on Joseph and Evangeline run its course uneventfully, or will the two witches on the case have to intervene? Will there be problems? Find out!  Contains AR, TG, AP,  nudity and sexual situations. 492 pages in high definition Iray!



In this third installment courtesy of JoJoTF and TinyThea, Terri finds Thea and the two of them confront Annie, who thinks that Thea is actually The Husk in disguise. Annie attacks using her app powers, and Tyler gets a ride to Husk U from a random girl! Meanwhile, Jess meets a boy! Contains female AR/AP, breast expansion, shrinking, nudity, sexual situations, bimbofication, exotic dancing and meta changes!  Parts are NSFW. Mature audiences only.  350 pages in high definition Iray.




​​Part 2 of 2. Alita looks like she has the upper hand as she have become an adult, while her mother and all of her friends in the “coven” have become small children or babies. The action continues as Lita’s friends Ariel and Tiana show up, who are shocked at the changes in Ella and Lita. Will Lita get away with this, or will the kids regain their maturity?  Contains female and male AR, female AP, diapers, spanking, role reversal and a host of guest stars! 511 pages in high definition Iray!


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Finding Frani


Tamara Flye is an upwardly mobile young woman who works in the county hall.  She has found that county government is a man’s world.  For a woman to get ahead, she has to be willing to do whatever county officials ask of her, which in her case boils down to sexual favors.  She has had enough.  She wants to become a man so she can get ahead based on her ability rather than on how well she puts out.  She finds a witch who can transform her into a man, but there is a task that she must perform to pay the price.  Contains F-M and M-F TG transformations, sexual situations, mature themes, nudity and a brief AR sequence.  NSFW, and not suitable for viewers under 18.  344 pages in high definition Iray, video links included.  Written by Typewriter17, edited and illustrated by JoJoTF.




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