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The $3 Reward on Patreon: The World According to Clark Part 4

Part 4 of 4.  The sequel to An Unexpected Way to Spend a Saturday, which can be found in Areg's Free Comic Gallery, continues! All is back to normal in the conclusion to The World According to Clark.  Sort of.  Includes a lead in to The App. Contains female AR/AP. 133 pages in hi-def Iray with a video link included!


ON sale now: 


Part 2 of 3: Elmer, now Kitty, is living her life in the world of the computer game, Peepulz! She has no intention of returning to her old life. Her roommate Ricky, transformed into the buxom Riki, thinks differently. Riki's friend Ruby, now Rusty, returns with his husband who thinks his wife was kidnapped. To prove to him that Ruby was turned into Rusty, a demonstration is in order... what could that mean?! Lots of action and TG transformation in this one, including the return of Azuri-chan and some unwelcome thugs! Like Part 1, will be submitted for sale on TGC! Contains transgender transformations, and many parts contain brief sex and nudity... NSFW! 575 pages in high definition Iray! And Don't miss the original version by Typewriter17! It's in his gallery!



Watkins Cosmetics Part 2.png

Part 2 - The gang head over to Sally's house to try to get the antidote to the tainted coffee they drank that turned them into children!  Some of you may recognize Sally's house from Poolside, which can be found in the Free Comic Gallery!  Will Miranda, Diana and the rest get the antidote?  Find out!  The completed comic is 416 pages of high definition Iray, and you may have noticed the change in authorship... that's right! The one and only Dark Oni is now at the helm, and you know what that means! Contains M/F AR and AP!



A new tale in the style of Louder, Illustrated and Edited by Areg5

Miranda Watkins is a businesswoman climbing the corporate ladder in her family-owned business, Watkins Cosmetics Inc. But she had a price to pay to achieve her position: she couldn’t be a proper mom to her 16 year old niece Lucia, who became orphaned after a mysterious accident 11 years ago claimed the lives of her parents. An accident that traumatized Miranda to such an extent she can’t remember much of her brother’s adulthood or anything about his wife.

Lucia is conflicted in her own way, as she struggles to remember pieces from a childhood she feels she never really had. Why can’t she remember anything about her parents? Who they really were? Why no one in her family answers her burning questions? She feels there is something off about her family, but she can’t tell what it is…

Meanwhile, Miranda is getting ready for the business that will define her role in the company and even the future of her family business. After connecting once more with Josh Wilford, a high placed executive at Heidegger’s Department Store…and her former fiancé, they have scheduled a business meeting to discuss a partnership between Watkins and Heidegger’s. Only business as usual, not something personal.

Feeling old and wanting to impress Josh after so many years, Miranda will ask her friend Diana Green for help in improving her appearance.


What they couldn’t imagine was that vanity and desire will have everlasting consequences. 431 pages in high definition Iray!


Some of the characters in this comic were introduced in Poolside!  If you haven't read Poolside, all five parts of it can be found in the Free Comic Gallery

Featured Premium Comic Preview:

Watkins Cosmetics Part 3 Preview


The wheels have come off! The antidote that Dee Dee made with the help of Bobby and Aimee had unexpected consequences! Some of the gang find themselves in diapers! How are they gonna get out of this one?  Contains male/female AR, female AP, diapers, spanking and brief nudity. On sale now!.  Also on Patreon, for supporters $10 and up!

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Part 1 Preview

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Part 2 Preview

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Part 3 Preview

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