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Part 1: Written by Sara James.  Jack’s life is almost perfect. He’s handsome. He’s professionally successful. His bank account is full. He’s got a nice car, a fancy house, and even a smoking-hot girlfriend that loves him. The only problem is their love life. When it comes to satisfying her needs, he comes up a little “short,” and he knows it. She claims it doesn’t matter to her. He thinks she deserves more in every sense of the word. Wanting to surprise her on their one-year anniversary, he puts up a large sum of money to become the client of a body transformation service. The plan is to upgrade his physique so he can satisfy her needs physically was well as emotionally. All goes well until the manager of the body transformation service turns out to be his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend, the handsome but emotionally abusive jerk she dumped for Jack. The ex, it turns out, isn’t over her. Now with Jack at his mercy, the ex has his own sinister plans for Jack’s transformation. Contains M-F TG transformation, nudity, and fairly graphic sexual situations.  238 pages in high definition Iray. 



Penalty Box Part 1

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