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This comic immediately follows the action in Altered fates: Fait Accompli 2023!  Harry Ash was turned into a woman when his wife used the Medallion of Zulo on him.  She's now 20 year old Melody, and she's not happy about it.  She continues under the impression that he was turned into a woman when his son mark, angry at not being allowed to borrow his car, found a spell from The Witch on Discord.  With no hope in site, Melody agrees to go out drinking with Mark and Cindy Sue, who Mark is sweet on.  Melody likes to drink so much, she doesn't car that she was fixed up with Cindy's cousin Richie.  The wheels come off when she tries to get served with no proof, and an enormous bouncer is out for blood!  Containes M-F TG transformations, nudity and sexual themes.  396 frames in high definition Iray!



Altered Fates - Bottom's Up

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