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Mark is a college dude who has a date and wants to borrow his dad’s car.  Dad refuses because Mark isn’t a good driver and banged it up the last time he borrowed it. A disgruntled Mark hits the bottle and calls his date to give her the bad news.  She does not take it well!  Mark is then friended on Discord by a mysterious witch, who gives Mark a spell to use on his father as a Father’s Day gift. When he’s told that the spell will make him his dad’s boss, he’s all in! Contains adult to young adult age regression and M-F transgender transformations! 310 pages in high definition Iray!


This comic is an adaptation of the story by the same name by Raven, with some extra added events!  It is an update of a comic done years ago by Areg5.



Altered Fates - Fait Accompli 2023

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