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Typo's version of the comic was a Changing Comics Exclusive, and was then posted on DA and wrapped up in January 2022. You can see it in his gallery!


From the mind of Typewriter17, JoJoTF presents Collared Part 1!

Mike is an effeminate young man who has lost his mother recently. This was a hard blow for Mike, as she was supportive of his need to dress as a woman. This is in contrast to his father, who thinks he's mentally ill. Mike desperately wants to be a woman. What if he can change his sex... and all he needs to do is find a woman willing to switch gender with him? Enter Janine, a woman who wants desperately to be a man.  Could she be the one? Contains M/F transgender themes and cross-dressing. 312 pages in high definition Iray!



Collared Part 1

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