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From the mind of Typewriter17, JoJoTF presents Collared Part 2!  ​

Part 2 of 2: Mike gets a shock from his appointment with Dr. Thelma.  He finally decides to man-up and admit that he wants to be a woman. Dr. Thelma does the last thing he expects her to do: support his choice! Now bold enough to go drag full time, he meets up with his girlfriend Janine for a very unique dining experience, and then coffee with Dee who successfully transitioned to womanhood herself through the use of a magical collar. Mike finally has options! Traditional western medicine or the arcane, both of which will give him hisw heart's desire of becoming a real woman!  Contains cross-dressing, both M-F and F-M transgender transformations, and a great supporting cast of familiar characters!  386 pages in high definition Iray.



Collared Part 2

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