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Part 2 of 2: The classic retelling of Evil Girlfriend concludes!  When last we left Devon, he had been transformed into a young woman by Annie as a practical joke, only Devon and his wife Maggie aren't laughing! Enter Erin, who was shocked to see what happened to her uncle!  Devon takes a liking to being a woman, and to Erin! The gang heads to the diner where Devon meets up with his best bro Jim!  What will it take for Jim to accept that Devon is who she says she is?  Find out! Contains F-M and M-F TG transformations,nudity, sexual situations  and a host of guest stars!  Don't miss any of the action, as Devon learns the finer points of being a woman. 718 pages in high definition Iray!

The original Evil Girlfriend can be found in Areg5's Free Comic Gallery.



EG Redux Part 2

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