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Part 2 of 3: Elmer, now Kitty, is living her life in the world of the computer game, Peepulz! She has no intention of returning to her old life. Her roommate Ricky, transformed into the buxom Riki, thinks differently. Riki's friend Ruby, now Rusty, returns with his husband who thinks his wife was kidnapped. To prove to him that Ruby was turned into Rusty, a demonstration is in order... what could that mean?! Lots of action and TG transformation in this one, including the return of Azuri-chan and some unwelcome thugs! Like Part 1, will be submitted for sale on TGC! Contains transgender transformations, and many parts contain brief sex and nudity... NSFW! 575 pages in high definition Iray! And Don't miss the original version by Typewriter17! It's in his gallery!



Trapped Part 2

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