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Part 3 of 3: Darlene, aka Darryl, seeks the help of the witch to return her back to normal. Will she succeed? Meanwhile, Elmer... now Kitty, was kidnapped in Part 2 along with her friend and co-worker Azuri and was forced into the life of as whore at Mona's brothel. Luckily, her friends are hard at work trying to find them. But wait! Mama-san is also looking for her lost girls! Will they be rescued? And if so, by whom? More action and TG transformation in this one! Contains transgender transformations, both M-F and F-M, and many parts contain brief sex and nudity... NSFW! 614 pages in high definition Iray! And Don't miss the original version by Typewriter17! It's in his gallery!



Trapped Part 3

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