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Part 6 of 6: The longest comic I have written concludes! Lots of action in this one, as Aimee and Bobby try to restore multiple characters to their normal ages, with the help of Sara Jones! The first order of business is to restore Josh to adulthood, and Aimee has quite a unique plan to accomplish that… but what about Jenny, Katie, Meri, Diana and Miranda? Can they be restored too? An what about Gretchen? She’s acting a bit childish, although she looks like she’s 18! Have the Caped Crusaders bitten off more than they can chew?

This is a very long concluding chapter, and contains an epilogue. Contains male and female AR/AP, diapers, spanking, and a host of cameo appearances by some familiar characters! 659 frames in high definition Iray!



Watkins Cosmetics, Inc. Part 6

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